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Our goal is to serve the growth and improvement of leaders, their teams, and organizations. Through coaching, topical workshops, and tailored consulting engagements, we support clients on their inside-out leadership journeys.


Coaching is a partnership. In this partnership, the primary objective is client growth. Growth can and often does take many forms: improved awareness of self, others, and relationships; greater clarity of values, beliefs, and purpose; affirming stories aligned with values and purpose; and enhanced skills for leading more effectively and generatively. The process is holistic, Socratic, and results-oriented and includes the following steps.

Agreement Inquiry Action Growth


Similar to coaching, our leadership workshops promote individual and team growth. Highly interactive, these foundational forums promote introspection, animated discussion, examination of values, stories and perspectives, and opportunities for action and change. Available in-person and via the web, sample topics include:

Listen to Lead | Lead On Purpose | Lead your Best Story

Consulting & Facilitation

Our consulting and facilitation work is driven by the situational dynamics affecting our clients and the objectives they are pursuing. As such, these engagements are highly customized. As always, our aim is to help clients grow, improve, and achieve the results desired.

The aim of life is self-development. To realize one's nature
perfectly - that is what each of us is here for.
Oscar Wilde

Who We Are

Leading a meaningful, productive, fulfilling life is an inside-out job. The world we live in is chaotic, distracting, complex, and highly uncertain, and the pace of change is staggering and only accelerating. In the face of these demands, it's easy to be overwhelmed - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. With a purposeful plan, supportive narratives, and deliberate practice, life’s demands can be transformed into a source of growth and satisfaction. That’s where we come in.

I. O. Leadership

… is inside-out leadership. I.O. Leaders recognize all leadership is deeply personal – hewn from and cultivated through self-awareness, curiosity, and a burning desire to learn and grow.

… occurs at the nexus of individuals and their environment. I.O. Leaders recognize leadership is a contact sport – fostered by empathy, strong relationships, and belonging to a group, team, and organization with shared values, narratives, and purposes.

… links intentions to opportunities, inputs to outputs. I.O. Leaders recognize leadership is purpose-driven and action-oriented – forged from clear values, well-defined objectives, and abundant energy.

Tom Ward

Leadership Coach

Recognized leadership coach, consultant, and facilitator. HBS-trained former CEO with more than three decades of experience across various industries and organization types – Fortune 500, entrepreneurial, academic, and military.

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